What is the Tribal Legacy Project?

From 2003 through 2006, the National Park Service hosted a national touring exhibit called Corps of Discovery II: 200 Years to the Future that traveled to 22 states and set up at 95 venues to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition and its impact on American history.

The heart of the exhibit was the performance venue called the Tent of Many Voices. It was known as a respected forum where multiple perspectives on the Expedition could be freely shared and encouraged. It offered a balanced schedule of presentations, a place where one did not have to hold the Anglo-American view of history as the only truth.

This archive, the Tribal Legacy Project, serves to preserve and share the presentations given by American Indian elders, scholars, historians, and community members inside the Tent of Many Voices.

Hundreds of Perspectives – Two Ways to Explore

This Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Tribal Legacy Project archive contains hundreds of hours of videos, imagery, and stories.

Search geographically using the interactive territorial map, which illustrates the traditional homelands of the many American Indian nations along the trail.

Or, you can explore the archive thematically.

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