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#13 Clark on the Yellowstone

July 2006
Billings, Montana

Clark on the Yellowstone commemorated William Clark’s 1806 journey down the Yellowstone River to meet Lewis at the Yellowstone’s confluence with the Missouri.

Held beneath Clark’s famous signature – “Wm Clark July 25, 1806” – on the massive rock formation he named Pompey’s Tower, the event was presented in July 2006 by the City of Billings, Montana, and Pompeys Pillar National Monument, in partnership with the Crow Nation.

Tribal programming includes:

Opening Ceremony: Tribal flag procession, Crow Nation elders and leaders.

Buffalo Feast: Crow Nation.

Crow Nation Horse Parade.

Artist Reception: Rabbit Knows Gun (Crow Nation).

Tribal Encampment: Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance.

Tribal Lectures and Demonstrations.

Corps of Discovery II: 200 Years to the Future.

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