Since Time Immemorial
Traditional Culture
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Traditional Culture

"Sometimes in the evening I sit, looking out on the big Missouri. The sun sets, and dusk steals over the water. In the shadows I seem again to see our Indian village, with smoke curling upward from the earth lodges, and in the river's roar I hear the yells of warriors and the laughter of little children as of old. It is but an old woman's dream..."
Waheenee, Hidatsa

"Our elders knew the curves of the hillsides and the lines of the trails as intimately as they knew the curves and lines of their mothers' faces."
Germaine White, Salish
Many Nations Many Voices museum exhibit
Circle of Tribal Advisors of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

A Mandan Village Mih-tutta-Hangkusch, A Mandan Village, by Karl Bodmer. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division