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Contemporary Life

Since treaty-making began in 1778, over 2.2 billion acres of Indian lands have been ceded to the United States. Today, 2.5% of original tribal lands, or 56 million acres, remain in tribal jurisdiction.

"Today, we are working diligently to help our communities recover and prosper. We are creating economic opportunities and strengthening Tribal governance. We are scholars and teachers, employees and employers, traditional healers and modern doctors, botanists and farmers, hereditary leaders and elected officials, police officers and whipmen, judges and artists of every kind."

Many Nations Many Voices museum exhibit
Circle of Tribal Advisors of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

"We are the physical manifestation of the dreams and prayers of our ancestors. This connection is alive and strong and it is the foundation of our existence today and for the future."

A Guide to Visiting the Lands of Many Nations
Circle of Tribal Advisors of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial